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Player Platform StageRapid FireScore Comments Played Date
Clover-YMNArcadeALLNo68,545,755 [vid]From the INH DVD "The Secret Lover." With audio commentary in Japanese.unknown
SDD-KaedeArcadeALLNo68,080,545 [vid] 2005-05-04
SWZPCALLYes64,731,599 [vid] 2019-03-06
iconoclastX360ALLNo64,637,443 [vid] 2013-01-18
YoishiX360ALLNo63,016,470 [pic] [vid]Messed up stage 4 badly, will come back to improve this in the future.2015-04-27
EmmaPCALLNo29,833,727 [pic] [vid] 2016-04-12
tomzaczPCALLYes29,818,744 [vid] 2021-04-17
ggmaximoPCALLYes29,718,069 [pic] [vid]ALL (Lx2, Bx2)2021-02-25
KaizaCorpPCALLYes28,921,712 [vid]Lx22018-08-24
pegboyPCALLYes19,895,949 [vid] 2017-09-30
KlatrymadonPCALLNo19,655,430 [vid]Silly mistakes bonanza!2019-10-01
pandoraXhunterPCALLNo19,556,322 [pic] [vid]First clear2015-11-08
Flobeamer1922PCALLYes10,392,891 [pic] [vid] 2020-10-20
JayLabPCALLNo9,741,101 [pic] [vid] 2020-01-24
leodashPCALLYes8,918,292 [vid] 2020-09-29