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Player Platform StageRapid FireScore Comments Played Date
KiwiPCALLYes1,842,732,721 [vid] 2020-11-14
Enabler-T.SArcadeALLNo1,054,452,242 [vid]From the INH DVD "The Secret Lover." Previous World Record. S-Power has been found to be superior to W due to how it excels with a certain firing glitch, but this replay showcases very optimized strategies for a no-glitch W power run.unknown
KiwiPCALLYes224,764,595 [vid]S Power Survival Route. No miss run.2020-12-09
ggmaximoPCALLYes86,503,061 [vid]lx1,bx3unknown
pdpArcade5No77,916,281 [vid] 2012-01-18
RezardiPCALLYes69,653,757 [vid]W-Powerunknown
InFireXPCALLYes59,685,075 [pic] [vid]Originally done around 2015-12-31.2019-12-22
pegboyArcadeALLNo58,340,101 [vid]Played on PCB.unknown

Miscellaneous Videos
Player Platform Stage CharacterRapid FireScore Comments Played Date
KiwiPCALLNoDefault62,724,305 [vid]Double play.2019-05-21