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Type B
Player Platform StageScore Comments Played Date
ZXPC2-ALL1,448,895 [vid]WR as of 2021/02. Weapons: I,III,VI2018-12-10
ErppoPC2-ALL1,376,482 [vid] 2020-02-21
ZaarockPC2-ALL1,209,165 [pic] [vid]still very messy. I-III-V2018-10-12
ZaarockPC2-ALL1,126,524 [pic] [vid]weapons: I-III-V2018-10-04
leglessPC2-ALL1,126,352 [vid]Live for Shmup Slam 4, Z Rank2021-08-14
leglessPC2-ALL1,097,028 [vid]II(I)-IV-VI Z Rank2021-07-09
CRIPC2-ALL801,601 [vid]I-III-VIunknown
HarmonicaPC2-ALL772,690 [vid] 2021-05-30
Miclus1PSNPC2-ALL768,436 [vid]rough play2023-02-09
FolkiusPC2-ALL682,181 [pic] [vid] 2024-03-10
tomzaczPC2-ALL655,653 [vid]1-4-62022-08-25
ChinopolisPC2-ALL608,286 [vid] 2021-03-08
ggmaximoPC2-ALL595,512 [vid] unknown
NaharPC2-ALL584,853 [pic] [vid] 2023-02-04

Type C
Player Platform StageScore Comments Played Date
s.playerPC2-ALL1,167,140 [vid]Z Rank2020-07-03
IKAPC2-ALL1,104,465 [vid]weapons: I-III-V2020-06-25
DinirPC2-ALL779,351 [pic] [vid]I-IV-V. A terrible last scene. 2019-03-13
DinirPC2-4701,058 [vid]I-IV-V. So many mistakes I was not making before.2019-03-10
DinirPC2-ALL626,715 [pic] [vid]I-IV-V. First 1cc.2019-01-31
AktanePC2-ALL578,397 [vid]Back,Charge,Sword ;)unknown
PC2-ALL527,486 [vid]Primary shot only.unknown
AktanePC2-1248,613 [vid]went on to do both loops with in game continues2022-03-18