Blue Wish Resurrection Plus
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Rank Player Platform Ship StageWait On/OffScore Comments Entered Date
1Aru-sanPCBlue HopeALLWait Off49,721,000 2012-04-20
22a03PCEden's EdgeALLWait On41,820,460 [pic] 2017-04-14
3cstarflarePCBlue HopeALLWait On40,265,200 [pic] [rpy]Two hits on the stage 5 boss. One was a double KO. OH well2014-04-13
4NTSC-JPCBlue WishALLWait On39,126,730 2012-12-21
5sirmaxPCBlue PeaceALLWait On38,832,300 [pic]Aztoguard: on2012-04-02
6VanArticPCEden's EdgeALL 37,678,510 2014-04-19
7NElectronPCEden's EdgeALLWait On37,426,160 [pic]Auto Guard On, originally done on 12/09/20162018-07-04
8MesekiPCEden's EdgeALLWait On36,209,610Auto Guard On. Are there conditions for the Extend box on Stage 3? It wasn't there this time.2012-07-15
9ShepardusPCBlue WishALLWait On35,302,750Auto guard on2016-01-25
10John BPCEden's EdgeALLWait On32,438,970 [vid] 2018-08-02
11ptoingPCBlue WishALLWait On31,173,020 [rpy]Auto Guard On2012-09-16
12PlasmaBlooDPCEden's EdgeALLWait On29,704,110 [pic] 2017-12-16
13toiminePCBlue WishALLWait Off29,174,040 [vid] 2021-09-09
14PrinnyPCBlue WishALL 27,039,050 [pic] 2014-08-16
15CrystalChaosPCEden's EdgeALL 26,512,740 2014-10-14
16PedroMDPCBlue HopeALLWait On24,622,570 [pic] 2013-08-15
17LucidfrogPCBlue PeaceALLWait On24,533,200 [vid][AUTO GUARD ON] Comment: I like this game for survival and it has Fun gameplay but personally don't enjoy the Scoring in this game but anyways this is my 1cc survival run.2021-06-28
18Acid_RainPCEden's EdgeALLWait On22,716,010 2013-05-06
19DumplingPCBlue HopeALLWait On20,746,800 2014-12-15
20zoydoPCBlue WishALLWait On19,630,610 [pic]Auto Guard: on2020-11-13
21EithrialPCBlue WishALL 17,255,120 2014-06-04
22oboewan42PCBlue Hope5Wait On12,886,710 [rpy] 2013-03-19