LordHypnos's score history for Under Defeat - Arcade
アンダーディフィート グレフ
Under Defeat
- Arcade -
Player history for HYP

X360Default1-ALL2,002,710 [vid] 2018-03-27
X360Default1-51,896,540 [pic]game over on the final boss. 2 credit clear. I guess I'm actually pretty close on this game, because I made a ton of mistakes in this run.2018-03-17
X360Default1-41,218,240 [pic]I think I should be able to best this score pretty soon, but it is the first PB I've gotten since coming back to Under Defeat2018-03-11
X360Default1-41,217,240 [pic]Stupid death in 3, otherwise a solid run. I gotta learn stage 4 one of these days.2016-02-01
X360Default1-41,002,270 [pic]Really tanked in the 3rd stage, but excellent 1 and 22015-11-22
X360Default1-3809,740 [pic]Somehow managed to get through the third stage almost blind once. Haven't come close since then >_<2015-04-09