LordHypnos's score history for Giga Wing - Arcade
Giga Wing
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Player history for HYP

MAMERuby59,502,732,169,940 [pic]Decided to try a 2P run. Actually pretty significant increase in score, but still didn't make it to S6 >_<2021-06-23
MAMERuby56,681,792,840,590 [pic]Steady improvement. Made it to the S5 boss2021-05-23
MAMERuby55,480,511,583,130 [pic]Small improvement2021-05-06
MAMERuby54,050,325,486,180 [pic]US version (I think).2021-04-20
MAMERuby31,031,614,877,830 [pic]second credit. First time I've played this game forever. Much more fun than I remember it. probably b/c I chose carmine2018-04-15