LordHypnos's score history for Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting - Arcade (DC Ver.)
Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting
- Arcade (DC Ver.) -
Player history for HYP

DCMosquito 02ALL2,386,330,371,090 [pic] [vid]4,802,352 experience; in one fell swoop, I have overtaken Randorama's DC version score and Arrogant Bastard's CPS2 version experience. And a video to boot!2018-06-11
DCMosquito 02ALL2,067,031,374,070 [pic]exp: 4,223,681 HELL YEAH! Still somehow behind rando tho >_<2018-05-21
DCMosquito 02ALL1,971,976,243,040 [pic]3,862,193 I know I can do better than this with my recent optimizations.2018-05-19
DCMosquito 02ALL1,868,764,875,760 [pic]3,810,937. While in theory I can get over 4,000,000 experience, it would seem as if this is much more difficult to pull off in the real world.2016-12-21
DCMosquito 02ALL1,749,511,575,480 [pic]3,616,801 I think I could still do quite a bit better without destroying myself. Had a few runs that were incomplete with better scores after the 5th stage boss than this one, and worse chaining in stages 4 and 5.2016-12-02
DCMosquito 02ALL1,621,462,969,670 [pic]Hell Yeah! 3,361,110 experience2016-11-27
DCMosquito 02ALL1,430,872,144,190 [pic]EXP: 2,795,582 This ought to just narrowly pass Kollision's high score, both here and on the forum. I think I still have a decent amount of potential left before moving on, though2016-11-23
DCMosquito 02ALL1,374,953,494,370 [pic]Aw yeah, movin' up in the world :shades-smiley: Experience: 3,032,6112015-02-18
DCMosquito 02ALL1,192,349,931,530 [pic]I think it's this high because I was already at 1.8 million multiplier before stage 42015-02-12
DCMosquito 02ALL1,177,519,631,500 [pic]Holy shit! I can't believe I actually cleared O.O 2,505,809 exp2014-08-06
DCMosquito 026935,003,649,240 [pic]Marginal Improvement; 2,440,744 exp2014-08-03
DCMosquito 026812,723,228,960 [pic]2,359,684 EP2014-07-31
DCMosquito 026581,248,126,480 [pic]1,933,819 ep. Surprised I managed to no miss the stage 5 boss rush with how much I was shaking O_o2014-07-01
DCMosquito 025440,592,250,020 [pic]1,849,455 experience! Level 8 shot ^_^2014-06-09
DCMosquito 025402,836,714,050 [pic]Stage 5 AND over a million experience. finally!2014-06-01
DCMosquito 024312,156,423,910 [pic]Did really well on stages 1 and 3 (by my standards), and not anywhere else. 1,324,469 exp2014-05-28
DCMosquito 025236,220,657,510 [pic]Stage 5 O_O NOWAI! exp: 8099052014-05-26
DCMosquito 024192,791,077,040Improved a little over my current posted score on shmupsfarm2014-05-25