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Player history for HYP

PCMae/Cluster MissileALLPower55,988,140 [vid]Not my best score, but I need to upload it for restart syndrome to count my clear :P2018-05-08
PCMae/Cluster Missile5Power57,970,810 [pic]So close!! Finally got the last extend, also.2018-05-03
PCMae/Cluster Missile5Power45,938,250 [pic]I'm never gonna fuckin' beat this game >_<2018-04-22
PCMae/Cluster Missile5Power40,415,850 [pic]more progress!2018-04-03
PCMae/Cluster Missile3Power23,077,800 [pic]Decided this would be my first score to post, though I'm still working on this game. This was after routing stages 1 and 2. I did do way better than I was expecting on stage 3, actually, making it to the boss.2018-03-29