LordHypnos's score history for Akai Katana - Shin
Akai Katana
- Shin -
Player history for HYP

X360Sumire & Tsubaki4 Boss145,718,452 [pic]Drilled the first two stages a bit to try to get better routes, and made it to the 4th stage for the first time! Not too bad2018-09-30
X360Sumire & Tsubaki366,176,956 [pic]The final digit must work different here than in most games2018-09-15
X360Sumire & Tsubaki2 Boss26,788,671 [pic]The 1 at the end is from restarting the first stage. This is just a preliminary score from maybe 1.5 hours practice. Still figuring out the mechanics2018-09-08