LordHypnos's score history for Deathsmiles - Arcade
- Arcade -
Player history for HYP

PCRosaAll ClearEX Off50,484,923 [pic]This went pretty well. Only missed like 2-3 times before Tyrannosatan, and got the +2 life refill so I had loads of resources. Did get thrown off a bit by some of the later patterns that I hadn't seen yet.2021-05-15
PCRosa4-2 BossEX Off43,843,070 [pic]Made it to the final boss. I think I could have cleared if I could have just made it to the last extend2021-05-07
PCRosa4-1EX Off23,207,186Made it to the first extend finally.2021-05-04
PCRosa3-1 BossEX Off13,458,517First couple credits of arcade. Not sure whether EX is off2021-05-02