Prinny's score history for Shikigami no Shiro II - Normal
式神の城 II
Shikigami no Shiro II
- Normal -
Player history for TPY

PCSayo Type 1Clear3,611,825,450 [pic] [vid]Steam. x8 = 165852021-12-15
PCKohtaro Type 2Clear4,850,403,560 [pic] [vid]Steam. x8 = 308322021-12-11
PCKohtaro Type 2Clear4,494,585,480 [vid]Steam version. x8 = 259892021-12-09
PS2Kohtaro Type 2Clear4,427,490,740 [pic]x8 = 251082016-04-29
PS2Kohtaro Type 2Clear4,242,338,250 [pic]x8 = 22202. Think I had a screw up in stage 5 here.2015-09-25
PS2Sayo Type 1Clear3,452,273,930 [pic]x8 = 12916. Managed to optimize my routes a bit in this run.2015-05-21
PS2Sayo Type 15-22,906,125,580 [pic]x8 = 10764. Getting consistent entering stage 5-1 at 2.5 billion.2015-05-19
PS2Sayo Type 15-22,650,721,960 [pic]x8 = 8239. Didn't expect to go this high. Was a little more risky grazing bullets while killing enemies in this run. Gameover on the final boss's last pattern.2015-05-14
PS2Sayo Type 15-12,179,707,450 [pic]x8=6708. Managed to beat my old clear score.2015-05-13
PS2Sayo Type 15-11,866,185,380 [pic]x8=5511. A lot of rust in this run, but I still remember how to handle some spots.2015-01-30