LordHypnos's score history for Triggerheart Exelica - X360 - Normal
トリガーハート エグゼリカ
Triggerheart Exelica
- X360 - Normal -
Player history for HYP

X360Crueltear5Off110,407,585 [pic]Super frustrating. Was recording this trying desperately to get an ALL video and didn't quite make it. >_< At least I improved my score.2018-04-22
X360CrueltearALLOff97,813,169 [pic]Kind of a cheesy ALL in that I had 0 lives and only 2 bombs left at the end up it, but I'm gonna take a break from this one for a while2018-02-10
X360Crueltear5Off86,976,460 [pic]Still working on that stage 4 and stage 5 route2018-02-07
X360Crueltear4Off61,648,454 [pic]Made it to the stage 4 boss, but just barely. Second half of stage 4 is insanely hard2018-01-26
X360Crueltear4Off51,844,628 [pic]Finally got an extend!2018-01-23
X360Crueltear3Off47,054,780 [pic]This was actually my second or third credit in a row after not having played for like a year, so not too bad in that sense2018-01-17
X360Crueltear4Off45,010,222 [pic]was just playing casually, when all-a-sudden...2015-11-25
X360Crueltear3Off38,501,018 [pic]From a while back, but never got around to posting2015-11-22
X360Crueltear2Off26,706,991 [pic]fun game, some day I will take it further.2015-04-09