KirbyComment's score history for Touhou Yumejikuu ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream - Hard
Touhou Yumejikuu ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream
- Hard -
Player history for KC

PCMarisaALL79,353,160 [pic] [vid]Disappointing end caused 80 million to fly away2018-05-19 
PCRikakoALL71,159,620 [pic] [vid]Tried to improve this, but the luck never came2018-05-19 
PCYumemiALL79,724,640 [pic] [vid]Sadly no suicides on Chiyuri, but Yumemi was fairly cooperative2018-04-20 
PCKanaALL86,601,170 [pic] [vid]Best non-Round 1 Yumemi clear ever!2018-04-16 
PCEllenALL92,011,890 [pic] [vid]Ellen Bee2018-04-12 
PCChiyuriALL97,800,520 [pic] [vid]Wasn't satisfied with an earlier 92m run due to alot of slowdown. Then this happened2018-04-09 
PCMimaALL96,772,630 [pic] [vid]Hard sweep as of getting this. 100m is definitely possible now...2018-04-08 
PCKotohimeALL90,739,700 [pic] [vid]90m was reached. Realistic max without absurd luck could be 100m now with at least Mima?2018-04-04 
PCMarisaALL77,181,500 [pic] [vid]Great Reimu and Chiyuri2018-03-10 
PCReimuALL78,006,060 [pic] [vid]Great luck throughout most of the stages2018-02-25 
PCYumemiALL72,492,260 [vid]Literally first credit after 2-month break2017-01-20 
PCChiyuriALL86,395,200 [vid]This score makes this run look like shit2016-12-18 
PCRikakoALL68,942,160 [vid]Explosion of gears2016-12-18 
PCKanaALL77,173,510 [pic] [vid]Best ever Chiyuri clear2016-12-18 
PCKotohimeALL80,320,580 [vid]Not anything spectacular but good enough for now2016-12-18 
PCEllenALL89,790,060 [vid]Being good at shitty shots is a quality, not sure how I feel about that...2016-12-18 
PCMarisaALL72,074,330 [vid]9:13 Round 1 Yumemi2016-10-28 
PCKanaALL70,000,340 [vid] 2016-10-18 
PCReimuALL70,485,130 [vid] 2016-10-18 
PCMimaALL84,976,570 [pic] [vid]Was World Record for 2 hours2016-10-17 
PCYumemiALL70,959,100 [vid]Yet another 1 level 2 away from shot WR. Shoot me2016-09-19 
PCChiyuriALL77,104,460 [vid]Destruction2016-09-19 
PCRikakoALL58,423,520 [vid]Hoping to get over 62m to make someone explode2016-09-19 
PCKanaALL65,894,600 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCKotohimeALL70,540,670 [vid]1 Level 2 away from shot WR2016-09-19 
PCEllenALL72,575,130 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCMarisaALL66,822,930 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCMimaALL74,763,390 [vid]Seems to be fairly improvable2016-09-19 
PCReimuALL64,567,480 [vid] 2016-09-19